• Q1.
    What should I do when my power tool overheats after long periods of usage?
    Run the tool with no load for 5 – 10 minutes to cool down rapidly.
  • Q2.
    Lithium battery Storage Instructions
    Lithium batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid high temperatures. Should battery be idle for approximately 2 years, fully discharged it then recharged to only 1/3 of the full capacity. Do not fully recharge the battery.
  • Q3.
    How to tell when the carbon brushes are due for replacement?
    It is important to check carbon brushes often and replace them quickly especially when sparking is happening more frequently and brighter than usual. Do not wait for tool to stop running completely to change. Damaged or worn carbon brushes can do serious damages to more sensitive parts of the tool, such as the commutator.
  • Q4.
    The mixing ratio between engine oil and fuel for 2-stroke engine products
    For all 2-stroke engines, the mixing ratio between engine oil and fuel is detailed in both the manual and on the machine body. Your equipment may vary, so always check your manual for the correct ratio and detailed instructions. For first time use, It is recommended to mix a higher than stated ratio of engine oil to fuel for a smoother startup.
  • Q5.
    What to do when the impact function of rotary hammers and demolition breakers weakens after some time?
    Check if the piston / cylinder is well greased, apply more grease if needed. Should problem persist, check O ring of piston for wear and replace if O ring is worn.
  • Q6.
    The impact of rotary hammers and demolition breakers feels weak, despite applying a lot of pressure on it.
    The principle of rotary hammer and demolition breaker works by the internal Impact hammer striking on the drill bit. When too much pressure is applied, the drill bit does not rebound in place and impact feels weakened. Adequate pressure should be applied to ensure proper functioning.